The purpose of the e-Estonia Showroom is to showcase the nation’s ICT solutions all in one facility, to illustrate their usage possibilities both in private and public sector and to provide visitors with hands-on examples of what they are and how they work. The E-Estonia Showroom is one of the main forces standing behind increasing the marketing and sales capability of the Estonian ICT companies at the international level.


Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol is a science and business environment for knowledge based companies. Today there are more than 180 companies, Tallinn University of Technology and IT College in Tehnopol.
Tehnopol provides a unique set of value adding business development services, convenient infrastructure and international cooperation opportunities for companies.Our Startup Incubator helps to boost new and innovative business ideas.


Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) Innovation and business center MEKTORY brings together scientists, students and entrepreneurs and solves practical product development problems and generates new intelligent ideas!

In Mektory a guide will introduce a unique environment which brings together businesses and the university. Mektory is a brand new part of Tallinn University of Technology and its fascinating concept and design have attracted visitors from all over the world.

Some of its goals are:

  • To tie theoretical studies at the university with the practical side to the maximum possible extent;
  • To encourage students’ start-up companies to move forward. We have already held four business model competitions and dispatched the winners to global centres of technology;
  • To deal with the upcoming generations and show that engineering is exciting, feasible and down to earth! Numerous possibilities have been created in the house for school children.

11 May Guided Tour for all participants including the PRESS

10:00-12:00 SPECIAL OFFER @e-showroom with Kaspar Korjus talking about e-residency (Lõõtsa 2a, Tallinn). (For Reservation: Kaidi.laine@eas.ee).

14:00-17:00 @Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol (Mäealuse 2/1, Tallinn) and Mektory (Raja Street 15, Tallinn). (For Reservation: toomas@tehnopol.ee)

12 May Guided Tour for all participants including the PRESS

10:00-11:00 @e-showroom (Lõõtsa 2a, Tallinn) (For Reservation: Kaidi.laine@eas.ee)

13:00-14:00 @Mektory (Raja Street 15, Tallinn). (For Reservations: info@ictweek.eu)CANCELLED!

14 May Guided Tour for all participants including the PRESS

10.00-11.00 @Mektory (Raja Street 15, Tallinn). (For Reservations: info@ictweek.eu)

12:00-13:00 @e-showroom (Lõõtsa 2a, Tallinn) (For Reservation: Kaidi.laine@eas.ee)

15 May Guided Tour for all participants including the PRESS

14:00-15:00 @e-showroom (Lõõtsa 2a, Tallinn) (For Reservation: Kaidi.laine@eas.ee)


Please note that participants are responsible for their own transportation.

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