First Nordic Digital Agendas Day was dedicated to innovations and future plans in the field of information society focusing especially on eGovernment.

During the conference Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia shared the visions and major action lines of their digital agendas. In addition, each country  introduced some crazy, yet necessary ideas the realization of which be a challenge today, but could prove to be valuable experiences and inspirations for other countries.

Conference videosphotos and other updated information can be found at


“One of the most interesting conferences I have been to! And I have been to many.”

“Very fruitful to have a conference with more advances countries in eGovernment together: brings the discussion to a higher level.”

“And all great atmosphere there, just wonderful! Smiles and happy faces all day long! Thank you!”

Nordic Digital Agendas Day was part of the Estonian ICT Week 2014 and took place in the framework of EU Structural Funds programme “Raising public awareness about the information society” and was funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


Voog. Tee ise koduleht!