JUHAN LEPASSAAR (European Commission)

Juhan Lepassaar is currently Head of Cabinet for Vice-President Andrus Ansip, responsible for the Digital Single Market. Mr. Lepassaar joined the European Commission in 2013 as Member of Cabinet for Vice-President Siim Kallas, Commissioner for Transport. Before joining the Commission, he was Director for EU Affairs at the Government Office of Estonia and an EU Adviser to the Prime Minister for five         years. He has been working at the Government Office since 2000                                                 dealing with Estonia’s European Union policy in different roles. Juhan                                             Lepassaar studied Interior Design, Architecture and Political Science                                             and holds a Master of Arts degree in Contemporary European Politics                                           from the University of Sussex.


Claes Persson benefits from national as well as international background in IT and marketing. Claes began with sales of IT-related products in 1991 and since then has worked in senior positions in companies such as Scribona (Sales Manager) and Xerox (Sweden; Head of Printing), was CEO of the software company FormScape in       Scandinavia, and later worked as Vice President of Business               Development and Marketing for above the worldwide group where his                                             area of responsibility encompassed the entire world. Claes Persson is                                           director and founder of the Mobilearn


Christina Henryson is Acting Deputy Director-General and Head of Division for eGovernment at the Ministry oEnterprise and Innovation. Christina has long-standing experience in IT and telecom and has been active in both the private and the public sector.

Magnus Enzell is Senior Adviser at the Division for eGovernment at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. Magnus has long-standing experience in E-government and was the Project Manager of the Malmö Declaration and the Swedish E-government Strategy. Magnus holds a Ph.D in Political Science.

Carsten Møller Jensen is Deputy Director-General at the Agency for Digitisation with the Danish Ministry of Finance. Since 2014 he has been responsible for IT infrastructure tenders, development and operations as well as for IT security, and user experience.Previously, he has held positions as Business Line Manager, Business Area Manager, and Consultant at KMD, a large Danish IT and software company specializing in IT solutions for local government, central                                                 government, and private markets. Carsten Møller Jensen holds a                                                   Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Aarhus, Denmark.


Anders Krabbe Møller is a Project Manager in the Centre of Digitalization in Frederiksberg Municipalit for Digitization with the Danish Ministry of Finance where his primary task has been to facilitate the involvement of municipalities in the Digital Post project. Before his attachment to the Agency he participated in various cross governmental development committees on Digital Post. He has been     working on e-government projects since 1996 when he began working                                           for the Naestved InfoSociety 2000 project organization. He holds a                                               Master’s degree in Marketing from Copenhagen Business School from                                           1992.y with digitalization of communication between citizens,                                                       enterprises and the municipality as his primary area of responsibility.                                             Since 2010 he has been attached to the Digital Post project in the                                                 Agency.


Mr. Sandberg has been with the Directorate of Taxes Norway since 2002, as Head of Department since 2006. He has previously held positions in the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and is a former Business Consultant with Deloitte. Mr. Sandberg holds an MSc in Business from Norwegian Business School. His current priorities include implementation of EDAG and a-ordningen, and strategic development of                                         the Norwegian Tax Administration.


Viveca Liodden is the Project Manager for EDAG. She has been with the Norwegian Tax Administration since 2013. Previously she held different positions at Steria for many years, such as Department Manager as well as Project Manager for various Steria projects. Mrs. Liodden holds an MSc in Business & Economics from the University of Växjö, Sweden.


Dr. Jon Thorhallsson is President of the Confederation of European Computer User Associations. He is also Founder and CEO of European Consulting Partners, a network of international partner consultants focusing on ICT, and Chairman and CEO of Knowledge Solution Group, a business development and management consulting company in Riga, Latvia. Dr. Thorhallsson is Associate Professor at the University of Iceland and Adviser with Iceland Internal Revenue. He has studied in                                             Canada and holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Giessen                                                       University, Germany.


Baldvin Hansson is the CEO of Rögg in Iceland. Baldvin has been writing software and designing hardware for the telecommunications industry since 1991. He is currently Chief Software Architect of the Norris Locationing System


Director, MIT Senseable City Lab Founding Partner, Carlo Ratti Associati

An architect and engineer by training, Carlo Ratti practices in Italy and teaches at the MIT, where he directs the Senseable City Lab. Ratti has co-authored over 250 publications and holds several patents. His work has been exhibited in several venues worldwide, including the Venice Biennale, MoMA in New York City and MAXXI in Rome. At the 2008                                             World Expo, his ‘Digital Water  Pavilion’ was hailed by Time Magazine                                           as one of the ‘Best Inventions of the Year’. He has been included in                                               Blueprint Magazine’s ‘25 People who will Change the World of Design’                                           and in Wired Magazine’s ‘Smart List 2012: 50 people who will change                                             the world’. He is curator for the ‘Future Food District’ at Expo Milano                                             2015.


Anna Kärkkäinen is Development Manager in the National Institute for Health and Welfare. She has been working on the National Patient Record Data Repository development project. Anna Kärkkäinen holds a Master of Science degree in Information Processing from the University of Oulu and a Master of Social Sciences degree from the University of Lapland.


Laila Puranen works as Application Manager in the Student Admissions Unit with the Finnish National Board of Education. She has over 15 years of experience in planning and implementing national reforms within the framework of different projects, and managing application systems in the field of student admissions in the Board of Education. Laila Puranen holds a Master’s degree in Education from Jyväskylä University, Finland, 1990.


Taavi Kotka, currently the Estonian Government CIO, has a strong background working in the private sector. He started his career as a programmer, rapidly rising to be a Managing Director of the most successful software development company in the region – Nortal (then Webmedia). He is a founder of many innovative start-up companies such as zeroturnaround.com, plumbr.eu etc. He holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology.                                             Furthermore, Taavi Kotka holds a number of honorary titles: he is the                                             European CIO of the Year 2014 (by ICT Spring), was the president of                                             the Estonian Association of Information Technology and                                                               Telecommunications (ITL) and was elected as Entrepreneur of the Year                                         in 2011 (by Ernst&Young). Taavi is a board member in many ICT                                                   initiatives in Estonia and has been the brainpower behind many                                                     Estonian e-government innovative initiatives such as e-residency, data                                         embassy, no-legacy policy etc..

SIIM SIKKUT (Moderator of the day, Estonia)

Siim Sikkut serves as ICT Policy Adviser in the Government Office of Estonia. His role is to coordinate ICT policy planning and execution across the government and collaborations with private sector. He advises the Prime Minister on e-governance matters. Previously, he worked as an expert at the Economic Foresight Institution, a publicly funded economic institution. He also has experience with the Ministry of Finance, and in areas of national-level strategic planning and public                                           financial management.

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