Ms GERTRUD INGESTAD (European Commission, DG DIGIT)

Gertrud Ingestad was born in Sweden in 1958. She did her studies in languages and history and worked as a language teacher in Stockholm before joining the European Commission in 1995.

Her driving force is constant improvement in collaboration.Within the European Commission, Ms Ingestad was the resources manager with DGT and DG CONNECT with a  specialisation on people-and organisation-related issues,  from there she also started working with IT from a digitalisation perspective.

In January 2014, she joined DG DIGIT as Director for Information Systems and Interoperability Solutions, now Digital Business Solutions. Since 16 April 2016, she is Director-General of the Directorate-General for Informatics.

Mr TAAVI KOTKA (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications)

Taavi Kotka, currently the Estonian CIO, has a strong background working in the private sector.

He started his career as a programmer, rapidly rising to be a Managing Director of the most successful software development company in the region – Nortal (then Webmedia). He is a founder of many innovative start-up companies such as zeroturnaround.com, plumbr.eu etc.

He holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology. He also holds a number of honorary titles: he is the European CIO of the Year 2014 (by ICT Spring), was the president of the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) and was elected as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011 (by Ernst&Young).

Taavi is a board member in many ICT initiatives in Estonia and has been the brainpower behind many Estonian e-government innovative initiatives such as e-residency, data embassy, no-legacy policy etc.

Dr MIKLÒS SZÒCSKA (Semmelweis University, former Minister of State for Health, Hungary)

Dr. Miklós Szócskanative of Budapest, and former Minister of State for Health for the Hungarian Government. Currently, he serves as the Director of the Health Services Management Training Centre (HSMTC) located on the campus of Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest, which he co-founded in 1995.

Dr. Szócska graduated from Semmelweis Medical University in 1989, received his Master’s of Public Administration from The John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard in 1998, and holds a PhD in Change Management from Semmelweis University in 2003.

During his time as Minister of State for Health, he developed an evidence-based consultative health policy and implemented many health reforms that improved efficiency in hospitals, generated revenue for public health workers, and updated the procurement system to improve transparency.

Currently, Dr. Szócska’s areas of focus include: analysis and development of organisations, management of change and leadership, network analysis crisis communication, the implication of social network studies on the organisation of health care system, e-Health and BIGDATA solutions and data mining.

Dr MARTIJN POEL (Technopolis Group, Netherlands)

Dr. Martijn Poel is an expert in ICT-driven innovation and works on high-tech clusters.

Recent projects include: Ireland’s future Research Infrastructure needs for the Irish Department for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation; regional economic clusters in the Dutch Province of Brabant for the regional development agency for Brabant; Smart Cities research by Dutch universities of applied science for the national research coordinator of the universities. Also European Commission projects: the European Service Innovation Center and the Silver economy in Europe.

He holds a PhD from Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Martijn worked at TNO, the Dutch organisation for applied scientific knowledge.

Mr ADAM GRØNLYKKE MOLLERUP (Ministry of Finance, Agency for Digitisation, Denmark)

Adam is currently leading the Danish Government’s Basic Data Programme and has previously been working with the preparation and coordination of the Public Sector Digital Strategy 2016-2020.

Earlier, Adam has been working with digital transformation, public governance and modernisation in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in the OECD as well as in several private management consultancies.


Mr ADAM LEBECH (Danish industry association for IT, Telecoms, Electronics and Communications companies, Denmark)

Adam Lebech is the managing director of the Danish industry association for IT, Telecoms, Electronics and Communications companies, head of ICT policy in the Confederation of Danish Industry, and a member of the Advisory Board of the ICT think tank Top of Digital Europe.

He has great experience in the area of ICT policy in the public sector. In 2014, he held senior management positions in the Danish Danish government in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior, the National IT and Telecom Agency, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and The Ministry of Finance.

Adam holds a Master Degree of Political Science from Aarhus University.

Mrs ANNE MIETTINEN (Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland)

Mrs Anne Miettinen is a Head of Research Management in the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications Data Business Unit.

She holds a Master Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Tampere where she majored in informations studies.

In 2002 she joined the Ministry holding various positions in information service and coordination of research and development activities. For example, she was a Transport Programme Delegate of Finland in EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. From the beginning of the year 2016 her responsabilities focus on promoting data business, particularly utilisation of big data and MyData and associated competence.

Mr MAGNUS ENZELL (Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Sweden)

Magnus Enzell is Senior Adviser at the Division for eGovernment at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

Magnus has long-standing experience in E-government and was the Project Manager of the Malmö Declaration and the Swedish E-government Strategy.

Magnus holds a Ph.D in Political Science from Stockholm University.

Ms HILDE AUSTLID (Public Roads Administration, Norway)

Hilde Austlid is a senior engineer in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, where she coordinates open data and data sharing.

She holds a Master of Science in ICT and Telecommunication from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.


Mr Mc Gullion joined the European Commission in 2004. Since 2010, he works for the Communications Networks, Content & Technology Directorate General (DG CNECT) in the unit responsible for Public Services. Prior, he worked in the Strategy and Policy unit of the same Directorate General.

Before joining the EC, he worked as liaison to the Brussels representations of two English regions: North of England and Lancashire, fostering communication between EU authorities and constituents in the UK region focusing on funding opportunities, policy developments and raising the profile of the region in the Brussels scene.

Juan graduated in Politics and French from the University of Glasgow, UK and holds a Masters Degree in Advanced European Studies from the College of Europe, Bruges.

Dr KRISTJAN VASSIL (Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, University of Tartu, Estonia)

Kristjan Vassil is a senior research fellow of technology studies at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political  Studies, University of Tartu.

Kristjan holds a PhD in Political Science from the European University Institute  in Florence, Italy.

He is currently the head of Center of IT Impact Studies‐an integrated research and  teaching program focusing on impact assessment of e-government and prototyping of new data‐ based predictive public e‐services.

Dr INNAR LIIV (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia / University of Oxford, UK)

Innar Liiv  holds a PhD from Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), is an Associate Professor of Data Science at the Department of Informatics at TUT, and Cyber Studies Visiting Research Fellow at University of Oxford.

Previously, he was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University (2015) and Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher at Georgia Tech (2009).

His research interests include e-government & data science, social network analysis, organizational network science, computational social science, seriation, clustering, information visualization and data mining technology transfer to industrial and governmental applications.

His work has been published in Statistical Analysis and Data Mining: The ASA Data Science Journal and Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics. He has won the Classification Society Distinguished Dissertation Award 2009.

In 2013-2015, his lab was mining Big Data in cooperation with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation.

Dr DAN BOGDANOV (Cybernetica, Estonia)

Dr Bogdanov is the creator of the Sharemind, a secure computation platform, and has authored several papers on information security.

His research has received several awards: Expo Science Europe Grand Prix 2002, Ustus Agur stipend 2010, JCI Top Outstanding Young Person 2013, Estonian Ministry of Defence research award 2014, President of Estonia Young IT Scientist Award 2016.

From 2007, he has worked at Cybernetica as a researcher, and since 2013 as a project manager coordinating international R&D collaboration with partners in the EU, Japan, and the US.

Dan is an expert representative of Estonia at the information security techniques standardization committee ISO/IEC SC 27 where he fulfills the editorial duties for several standards.

Dan Bogdanov is a recipient of the Ustus Agur scholarship from the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (2010) and he was bestowed the Order of The White Star Fourth Class (2015).


Mr SULEV REISBERG (Software Technology and Applications Competence Center, University of Tartu, Estonia)

Sulev Reisberg is a health informatics researcher and project manager at Software Technology and Applications Competence Center (STACC).

He has worked as the head software analyst in bringing the Estonian national health registries onto a single platform and building the information system for Estonian Genome Center.

At STACC, he is the lead of the biomedical group who is responsible for doing health data analytics for Genome Center, central e-Health database, Health Insurance Fund and others.

He was also the head analyst for analyzing the necessary information system for the pilot of Estonian Personalized Medicine project.

Mr SIIM SIKKUT (Moderator of the day, Government Office)

Siim Sikkut serves as ICT Policy Adviser in the Government Office of Estonia.

His role is to coordinate ICT policy planning and execution across the government and collaborations with private sector. He advises the Prime Minister on e-governance matters. Previously, he worked as an expert at the Economic Foresight Institution, a publicly funded economic institution.

He also has experience with the Ministry of Finance, and in areas of national-level strategic planning and public financial management.

Siim holds a Master of Science degree from the University of London.

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