The X-road is where the magic of Estonia´s e-services happens. This government data exchange solution is a unique way of linking up different databases and services, and keeps the exchange both simple and secure. The X-road connects public and private  sector organisations, reliably transferring data concerning healthcare, population, education and even pets. In 2013, Finland announced it would adopt the same solution as a new foundation for the Finnish e-services. This paves the way for the future cross-border e-services and fully functioning common digital market.

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Secure online identification has become crucial for successful business. State recognised services, such as the national ID card and Mobile ID, enable inhabitants to use e-services conveniently and securely. People can authenticate themselves in e-services and sign documents digitally just in a few clicks, saving time and money. E-banking, e-government, e-voting, tax declarations, education and healthcare are a few examples of the fields where e-solutions have prospered in Estonia.

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SignWise is the first cloud service for e-signing and authentication designed for business, both in-country and across borders.

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DigiDoc app is a Windows Phone app for signing documents and viewing digitally signed documents.

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Cyber security and data integrity solutions

Guardtime is developing a digital data signature technology called Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI), which uses mathematical methods to independently authenticate any type of electronic data, at exabyte scale and in real time. Guardtime´s KSI technology is now in use by the governments of Estonia, the US, China, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.

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Estonian tax payers can submit all declarations online without any paper forms, using an automated process. In co-operation with the software firms Cybernetica AS and Icefire OÜ, as many as 95-100% of tax declarations are filed electronically. Tax accounting and collections have improved significantly.

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The Center of Registers and Information Systems (RIK) develops and administers registries and information systems for the Estonian justice system. Systems such as the e-Business Register, the e-Land Register, the e-Notary system and different court information systems have received international acclaim. A fully electronic court by 2016, the fastest company registration in the world and legally valid electronic registers are just some of the achievements.

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Internet voting gives voters the possibility to participate in elections from anywhere in the world. Estonia has used internet voting since 2005 for different elections. Today, a quarter of voters prefer to cast their ballots from a computer, using electronic ID and the Internet Voting System.

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The e-Cabinet is a powerful tool that the Estonian government uses in its decision-making process. It helps ministers and officials prepare for and conduct cabinet meetings, sign legal acts, and maintain records, entirely without paper documents. It is connected to e-Consultation- an information system that is used for consulting draft legislation and other government instruments connected to ministries and the public.

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Gateway to eEstonia

The State Portal eesti.ee is a gateway to public information and public services- it is easy, convenient, quick and secure. It gives a personal overview of your information on state databases and provides notifications about your obligations, It works on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

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IT Academy (StudyITin.ee) is an initiative by the government, universities and industry to promote Estonia, its tech education and enterpreneurship. The program is administered by the Information technology Foundation for Education- HITSA, funded by the Estonian state, and generously supported by Skype. Participating universities are the University of Tartu (UT) and Tallinn University of Technology (TUT).

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Estonian IT solution demos

“e-Estonia” is a term commonly used to describe Estonia´s emergence as one of the most advanced e-societies in the world- an incredible success story that grew out of a partnership between a forward-thinking government, a pro-active ICT sector and a switched-on, tech-savvy population. e-Estonia is about voting in elections from the comfort of your own living room. Filing your income tax return in just five minutes. Signing a legally binding contract over the internet, from anywhere in the world, via your mobile phone. These are just a few of the services that Estonians take advantage of on a regular basis.

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