Estonian ICT Demo Center pictureSightseeing tour to the ICT Demo Center and e-Estonia especially to delegates of the Nordic Digital Agendas Day was on April 24.

Tour started in front of Swissotel Tallinn at 15.45. Tour duration was 1,5 hours.


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We suggest the tour on April 26 starting at 10.30 in front of Swissotel Tallinn to Innovation and Business Center Mektory. Please register separately by

Estonia is the most advanced e-society in the world. The country’s implementation of e-Cabinet, e-Tax, e-Customs, e-Registers and i-Voting systems has revolutionized accessibility and quality of government services for its citizens. Estonia now has a seamless, integrated and secure environment that allows 24/7 deployment of resources more efficiently and easily. For Estonians, e-services have become routine: e-banking, m-parking, e-school,e-tax, e-healthcare, i-voting, e-police have all been fully implemented. Nearly 100% of public services for both businesses and citizens are now ubiquitous using any device.

ICT Demo Center – Gateway to Innovation

Behind the e-Estonia success story are Estonian ICT companies who designed numerous e-services in partnership with a forward thinking government. The ICT Demo Center provides a quick, professional and inspiring overview of Estonia’s e-solutions and major ICT sector players in an all-in-one facility in Tallinn. Each day, the center hosts international visitors, everyone from ministers and business leaders to journalists and students, and presents them with the e-Estonia story – the background of the nation’s e-State development. These 1.5-hour  presentations are complemented by a showroom visit, highlighting practical examples of how Estonian e-solutions work. Visitors choose the specific topics or solutions they are interested in and then have the opportunity to interact with the relevant Estonian ICT companies.


  • e-ID and m-ID
  • Interoperability
  • e-Business
  • e-Healthcare
  • e-Education
  • Cyber Security

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